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The Society of

Sts. Louis & Zélie Martin

The Society of Sts. Louis & Zélie Martin is established at St. Augustine Parish, Covington, KY, to encourage holiness in the vocation to which God calls an individual – single life, religious life, or married life.  And to develop holy friendships amongst parishioners.



The Society is open to all adults of the parish (and friends) who have reached the age of 22 and are engaged in some form of work or graduate level studies.  Undergraduate college students will be invited to join upon their graduation.  There is no “must not exceed” age; but the focus of the Society will be to bring together parishioners of similar age.  Most of the Society will be made up of married couples raising a family and those parishioners following this vocation in life.  However, Society members may be single, engaged, married without children, or married with children. 


The Society will agree to gather at least once per month. The primary expectation of these gatherings are:

  1. To pray

  2. To socialize


The secondary expectation of these gatherings (once established) includes:

  1. Study of the Catholic faith through:

    • Scripture Studies

    • Retreats

    • Missions


The manner in which the prayer takes place, and the socialization of each gathering will be dependent on the members.  The leadership of the Society will be appointed by the Pastor of St. Augustine Parish.  The primary role of the leadership will be to organize gatherings and communicate with members.

The Society should never become a burden on the members.  Its purpose is to help provide opportunities for growth in personal and familial holiness, and healthy, and holy friendships.



1st Fridays

  • 6:00pm

  • Mass & Prayer

  • Social Activity (no children please)



Mrs. Heather Fosco (email)

Mrs. Crystal Eifert (email)

Please contact Heather or Crystal for more information.

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