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Summer Festival Sponsorship Opportunities

Become a sponsor of the St. Augustine Summer Festival and improve the visibility of your business in the community. Check out the sponsorship opportunities and contact us for more information.

Sponsorship Material


T-Shirt Logos

100 t-shirts will be printed for sale at the festival. Festival volunteers will wear the festival t-shirt. The t-shirt will remain for sale online until the run-up to the 2023 festival. 

Website Icon.png

Website Recognition

The St. Augustine website has averaged 700 visits per month in the past three months. Sponsors will receive a mention on the websites with a link to their website.

Booklet Icon.png

Program Ads

2,000 copies of the festival program will be printed and handed out to festival attendees. Various sizes of ad space are available depending on the sponsorship level.

Booth Icon.webp

Booth Sponsorship

Booth sponsors will be displayed on a large sign attached to the booth. This sign will be exposed to hundreds of festival attendees during the 12 hours of the festival.

A-la-carte sponsorship options

  • $500 - Booth sponsorship + small t-shirt logo + half-page program logo + website recognition

  • $250 - Quarter-page program logo + website recognition

  • $100 - One-line program mention + website mention

  • $50 - One-line program mention

Bronze Sponsorship Package - $1,000

  • Small company logo on t-shirt

  • Full-page program logo

  • Website recognition

Silver Sponsorship Package - $5,000

  • Medium company logo on t-shirt

  • Program inside cover logo

  • Website recognition on the summer festival page

  • Facebook recognition boosted to 5,000 users

  • Replica of one in-church altar icon

Become a Sponsor

Help us make a difference


We will be in touch!

Gold Sponsorship Package - $10,000

  • The only large logo on the t-shirt

  • Program back cover logo

  • Website recognition on the homepage

  • Facebook recognition boosted to 10,000 users

  • Replicas of all in-church altar icons

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