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The Renovation

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The Bells Are Back!

The Verdin Company in Cincinnati, Ohio has completed the process to restore St. Augustine's three bells to their original (and yet improved) working order by Easter, just as they promised! The three bells that occupy St. Augustine's bell tower are the 1,000 pound, 38" diameter "Jesu..." bell, the 550 pound 31" diameter "Saint Monica" bell, and the 250 pound, 24" diameter "Saint Augustine" bell. Originally cast in 1914, the three bells have served the parish well for nearly 100 years. Since that time, they have sustained significant wear and tear and were in desperate need of restoration.

Easter Ringing

At the 2019 Easter Vigil, during the Gloria in Excelsis, the bells were rung by hand by three parishioners as The Verdin Company installed both automated and rope-pulling mechanisms. Below is a video of them being rung for the first time by hand. We're very grateful to have our beloved bells back in operation thanks to the generosity of so many who have contributed to our 2020 Capital Campaign.

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