Joe Gray

It is my honor and pleasure to be “coming home” to rejoin the St. Augustine community.  Both of my sons attended St. Augustine and my wife, Sheila, and I have been active in many St. Augustine functions.

I have spent 38 years as a Catholic educator, including seven years as a junior high science teacher.  I have a B.S. degree in Biology from Indiana University of Pennsylvania and a Master of Arts Teaching degree in science from Miami University.  In my years of experience, I have developed a three-pronged approach to my teaching.  First, I like to instill a love of science in my students through experiencing the joy of discovery.  I have focused on hands-on science, specifically inquiry-based learning  (click on the hyperlink for an example of inquiry-based learning).  I also incorporate an environmental simulation program known as OBIS (Outdoor Biological Instructional Strategies) and field trips to enhance the hands-on experience.


Secondly, I often use flipped-classroom learning, which reverses the traditional model of teaching by delivering short video lectures at home and the completion of “homework” at school under the helpful supervision of the teacher.  Combined with the one-to-one initiative, in which our seventh and eighth graders are currently engaged, this becomes a powerful learning tool.  Finally, I strive to instill a strong work ethic by setting a reachable high bar for students.  These practices will carry students far as they move from St. Augustine to high school, college, and beyond.


Mr. Gray’s Classes

Making Christmas Ornaments for Prayer Partners